Panic Button Meets
Smart Speaker

Never Work Alone Again

The Lotus is an award-winning personal safety wearable that lets you record, share and communicate at the touch of a button.
No mandatory fees.

Skip having to unlock, navigate and activate your phone to discreetly get help on the job.

Lotus by SEAM comes in Blac/Black or White/Rose Gold Options
Made Easy

Single click to capture your GPS location and conversation to the SEAMcloud for safe storage.

Let Colleagues
Listen In

Double click and share your conversation with continuous GPS location to 5 trusted contacts, while recording to the SEAMcloud.


Hold the buttons and automatically call your nearest trusted contact, calling directly from the Lotus with its built-in microphone and speaker.

Available on the Google Assistant App, SEAM Voice allows yoo to use voice commands to stay up to date

Smart Speaker on the GO

Access your voice assistant at the touch of a button. When your phone isn’t accessible, you can make phone calls to anyone (including to emergency services), check your calendar, get translations, check the time/ weather, make a meeting, control your smart home and more.

LOTUS is powered by the

SEAM Personal Safety’ mobile app


available FREE on

Available on the Google Assistant App, SEAM Voice allows yoo to use voice commands to stay up to date

Free Family Locator and Safety Recorder

The SEAM Personal Safety app lets your trusted contacts know where you are, easily listen in and see what is happening around you. Easily record and stream your location with live audio and pictures snapped from your front and back camera.

Now your contacts can see what you see, hear what you hear and know where you are, in real time.


The Fulton Sisters, Century 21 Percy Fulton
on using the Lotus for REALTORS®

Vardhaman Kothari, Rideshare Driver 
on using the SEAM Personal Safety app for Rideshare Drivers

Julian Soriano & Saharla Yayha, REALTORS® 
on using the Lotus for REALTORS®

“….very few are as gorgeous and versatile as the Lotus by Seam”

“….powerful piece of tech jewelry.”

“….a lot of people can benefit from it.”

“The Lotus brings peace of mind to wearers.”

“…super safe, and super quick to contact people.”

“…. a key part of a personal safety system for men and women.”

Protecting you and your data.

We know you entrust us with important data. And nothing is more vital to us than protecting you and that information. Therefore, SEAM Technic LTD encrypts our users’ data using the latest protection protocols and tactics. We ensure transmission with SSL Certificates (among other things), and we promise to never sell your data to a third party. Ever.

Our full Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions available online.