Lotus by SEAM Accessories Available NOW

The Lotus by SEAM accessories are now online and available for purchase at The Lotus Wrist Adapter has our metal adaptor plate, with clean silicon bands allowing the user to easily clip the Lotus onto a stylish and subtle bracelet.  Easily access the...

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Lotus by SEAM price now $99.95 USD

We are excited to share that as our volume for the Lotus has increased, our unit cost has decreased, courtesy of our manufacturers. What does that mean for you? It means that we are passing that savings to YOU! Instead of splurging on an air hockey table for the...

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SEAM app v1.6 Update, NEW Check-In feature

  SEAM is all about the private social network.  A more, intimate and trusted set of contacts.  People who need to know where you are easily and when you want to share.  Now you can check-in easily, and your third grade best friend doesn't need to know at the same...

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