The Lotus is an award-winning personal safety wearable that meets a smart speaker. Paired to the SEAM app, users can easily record their conversations and let up to 5 trusted contacts listen in live, while continuously sharing their GPS location. A true smart speaker on the go, access SIRI and Google Assistant at the touch of a button. Skip having to unlock your phone to record, share and make emergency calls.

Lotus by SEAM comes in Blac/Black or White/Rose Gold Options


Recording Made Easy

Single click to capture your conversation to the SEAMcloud for safe storage.

Let Friends Listen In

Double click and share your conversation with continuous GPS location to 5 trusted contacts, while recording to the SEAMcloud.

Smart Speaker

Tap any button and unleash the full power of SIRI or Google Assistant, you can make phone calls (including to emergency services), get translations, check the time/weather and more.

Emergency Calling

Hold the buttons and automatically call your nearest trusted contact, calling directly from the Lotus with its built-in microphone and speaker.

is powered by the SEAM Personal Safety app

Pair the Lotus to your iPhone or Android mobile device for the smartest personal safety experience on the market. Included in each purchase is 3 months premium subscription to SEAMplus+, allowing users to keep cloud recordings up to 3 months (in lieu of 24 hours with the free app), and download their recorded journeys. All Lotus features works with a free SEAM Personal Safety app account.

When your phone is in your pocket, bag or unreachable in your car, simply click the Lotus and record your conversation via the Lotus remotely, with your continuous GPS location saved to the cloud.

Click the Lotus twice, and your 5 trusted contacts will get a push notification on their mobile phone to open their SEAM app, allowing them to see where you are and hear your converastion streaming live.

Hold the Lotus buttons for 3 seconds and the app will automatically call your nearest trusted contact, without needing to unlock and navigate your phone for help. While on the call, your GPS location is continuously streamed to all 5 trusted contacts.

Access your voice assistant (Siri / Google Assistant) at the touch of a button. When your phone isn’t accessible, you can make phone calls (including to emergency services), get translations, check the time/weather, make a meeting, control your smart home and more.