Realtors Stay Safer With Lotus By SEAM

Few people know their local areas like realtors. They’re showing houses all over their city and sometimes in remote areas — at all hours of the day.   While real estate agents look out for prospective clients, trying to place them in their ideal home, someone needs to...

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Lotus Wearable Walks SFW Toronto 2018

Thank you to the amazing team at Startup Fashion Week Toronto (SFW) for hosting another week of events. All leading up to another successful fashion show.  After participating in the Montreal show earlier this year, we were keen to get our strut on to our home...

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Lotus Offers Layer of Safety To Your Run

When you’re out on your evening run after work, there’s a lot on your mind. You’re thinking about that meeting tomorrow morning, whether or not you’re on pace for a PR … and if you’ll have time to sneak in a couple episodes of The Good Place before bed. With Lotus,...

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