SEAM is all about the private social network.  A more, intimate and trusted set of contacts.  People who need to know where you are easily and when you want to share.  Now you can check-in easily, and your third grade best friend doesn’t need to know at the same time.


Check-In Feature Added


Press the new button in the top right corner and share to your guardians your current GPS location snapshot, displayed as an address. When pressed the map pin icon will turn yellow for 5 seconds, indicating it is sharing to all your guardians.

Skip having to text everyone you’re home safe.  Quick check-in to your 5 guardians has never been easier.

A dialogue box will appear above the map pin saying the closet address being checked into.  Your guardian will get a push notification, in-app alert, and notification in the notification tab of a check in a dependent does. These check in notifications alert your guardian(s) that you’ve checked in and the address you are checking in at.



Along with the check in button there is a new check in log along with the regularly recorded logs. Check in logs are displayed with the check in icon in the top left corner of that log, as well as the date, time, and address of the check in. Going into that check in log simply shows the location on a map, the address, and date and time of the check in. This view is the same for the user and their guardians.

SEAM app check in update


Users can move their map pin to view more of the map and then recenter back by simply hitting the recenter icon.
This happens by simply moving off your map pin icon on the homepage. The re-center icon will appear and a dialogue box indicating users to tap the re-center icon to go back to their location. This dialogue box only stays for 5 seconds before disappearing.