The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2019 as they say, is a chance to see the latest and greatest, make some new friends and show the world what you’ve got. We were excited to return to the Las Vegas show for a second year in a row, with our both in the Wearables section of the Sands Expo.

From the beginning of Day 1, until the end of Day 4 the Wearable section was buzzing with amazing traffic from all around the world.  Our SEAM branded hand sanitize bottles were a hi.,  We will definitely be coming back with more of those    WE MET SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE, so excited for all the follow up and new opportunities.  We had some great love from outlets like ASI : .

And to all our contest and lucky draw winners CONGRATS!  We are excited to see and hear how you use the Lotus in your everyday lives!!!!