Few people know their local areas like realtors. They’re showing houses all over their city and sometimes in remote areas — at all hours of the day.


While real estate agents look out for prospective clients, trying to place them in their ideal home, someone needs to look out for them, too. They’re often showing houses alone to strangers, and many times, at night.


One of the main safety tips from the National Association of Realtors is to have real estate agents touch base with someone to let them know where they’ll be — especially if they’re showing a property after sunset.


Lotus by SEAM for Realtors


Lotus, SEAM’s personal safety wearable, can do just that. Lotus pairs GPS technology via our iOS or Android app with contextual information, allowing wearers to share audio, photos and their precise location with five trusted contacts in the event of an emergency.


“More often than not our job takes us into places that we may be unfamiliar with. Buildings we haven’t been to before, neighborhoods we haven’t been to before…… I see the Lotus giving us peace of mind, whether at a showing or open house”

Julian Soriano – Broker with Century 21 Percy Fulton


Safety is a major concern in the realtor community. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Member Safety Report, 38 percent of those surveyed said they’ve experienced a situation that made them fear for their safety. Among the situations that induced anxiety: open houses and properties in remote areas.


Never Show Alone Again


To counteract the dangers of the unknown, many realtors choose to invest in some kind of self-defense mechanism. According to the report, pepper spray and a firearm were the two most popular forms of self-defense weapons among realtors.


Neither of those will tell a trusted friend or family member that you’re in danger, or what exactly is occurring. Increasingly, realtors are turning to technology for their safety. The report notes that 44 percent of members polled used some kind of smartphone app to track their whereabouts.


While the “Find My iPhone” feature was the most popular app, it falls far short of what realtors need — a trusted line to safety. Lotus allows realtors to share their full-streaming audio and make two-way calls directly from the device, granting precious seconds that could be wasted fumbling with a smartphone. With a touch of a button, the wearer is connected to a trusted contact who can hear what they hear.


“Safety is a major concern in residential and commercial real estate, we are alone about 80-90 % of the time.  Showing units to clients that we’ve never met before, we’re entering vacant units at odd times, really late at night.  My experience with the Lotus has been absolutely phenomenal. Now when I enter a vacant unit, or I’m showing a unit to a client that I have never met before, I automatically think of turning my Lotus on.”

Saharla Yahya- Sales Representative with Condos.ca


Lotus, available now, is the only personal safety wearable with the capability to make two-way calls directly from the device. Available in a variety of colors, Lotus blends in with realtors’ fashionable personal styles to give the added protection needed in any situation.  You can wear it discreetly very easily.  Additionally, it pairs with Siri or Google Assistant to give wearers the ability to dictate and send text messages or get weather updates.


When clients work with a real estate agent, they’re ultimately seeking a safe place to call home. Through Lotus, SEAM can provide that same feeling to realtors.