When you’re out on your evening run after work, there’s a lot on your mind. You’re thinking about that meeting tomorrow morning, whether or not you’re on pace for a PR … and if you’ll have time to sneak in a couple episodes of The Good Place before bed.

With Lotus, SEAM’s lightweight personal safety wearable, your security won’t be another worry to add to the list. While your wearable fitness tracker or app can tell exactly how many steps you’ve ran or sync your favorite playlist to your workout, it can’t offer any help in the event of an emergency.

Your workout shouldn’t be a source of stress — that’s why we’ve launched Lotus. Much like run apps and wearables, paired with our robust iOS and Android app, Lotus uses GPS tracking, adding contextual information about your situation. Through the Lotus device, you can share not only your location but also what you hear in real time streaming audio with up to five trusted contacts.

Personal safety is a growing concern for runners, especially women. According to Runner’s World, 43 percent of women surveyed said they’ve experienced harassment when out for a run. That number increases to 58 percent for women under 30. Additionally, 55 percent of people who go out for a run in a city setting say they’ve been the target of harassment.

Many people surveyed by Runner’s World say this behavior has motivated them to run with a phone, change the time they go out for a run or altered their preferred route. The publication also found that 71 percent of women and 33 percent of men tell someone their route and when they should be back. With Lotus, location information can be shared with a pre-selected contact instantly.  

Think of Lotus as an added layer of safety and security, allowing you to take control of your situation and giving you the peace of mind to go on your fitness journey as you intend. The device offers much more than safety, however, adding a new dimension to your run.

The Lotus is the only personal safety wearable that can make two-way calls directly from the device, allowing you to quickly get in touch with a trusted contact. At the touch of a button, you’re connected to a friend who will receive your exact location, as well as two way audio for a hands-free conversation experience.

Available now, Lotus is also the only such wearable with voice assistant access. Tap to access your Voice Assistant (Siri or Google Assistant), Lotus can also give you weather updates and directions, send text messages and more — all without having to take your eyes off your path to reach for your phone.

When you’re out on your run, trouble should be the farthest thing from your mind. We believe you should have the ability to keep your thoughts on your workout, knowing that Lotus has you covered.